Server Management

Server management services liberate you from all server hassles and let you focus on your business without worrying about server management. Server management and support outsourcing include server monitoring, regular server maintenance, and optimization and security. We are providing services since 2011.

Server Monitoring

Get server monitoring from our expert team. Our highly skilled technicians monitor systems for 24/7 server management for a quick response. We have proven abilities to monitor servers and proactively fix issues avoiding any downtime. We can also install a monitoring system for your servers. We monitor all the services on your servers, load, memory utilization, disk space utilization, disk errors, and stuff for virtual servers, hypervisors, SANs, server room temperature, etc. Server monitoring requires dedicated staff with the right expertise. Our server management services provide you a competitive advantage at affordable prices with the highest quality standards.

Performance Tuning

Servers are an integral part of business activities. No business can flourish without the proper functioning of technological tools. But getting best out of your server with available resources is not an easy task. Along with that managing server, yourself may prove to be time-consuming and may not be cost effective. Let our team of server management and outsourcing tune your server to get the optimal performance out of your servers. We tune the configuration of all services running on the server for best performance. We carefully assess the problems, measure the performance of the system before modification and remove any observed bottleneck to improve performance.

Application Installation & Support

Our team has long experience with installing and configuring varied applications like PMTA which is an enterprise-grade infrastructure application, Interspire which helps in converting those leads for marketing and salespersons, various CMS, eCommerce, FFmpeg, control panels, WHMCS, plugins, themes and a lot more. Our team has been installing and working on applications that run on complex setups like storage cluster, master-slave database, etc. ultimately giving the required boost to your business.

Server Migration

Server migration is a task often times considered inconvenient and time-consuming. But it does not necessarily be that way, we do it when it is required to be done. The main reasons for considering the server migration are existing servers that cannot take the strain, the client wants better control over the server, hosting services are elsewhere and servers had to be moved closer and many other similar reasons. In these cases, you may want to do the server migration but don’t know where to start then let our experts take care of the migration. Though it is a complex process our experts will take care of it for that. So that all data is moved with minimum or no downtime and safely. Our team has its own set of scripts to move cpanel servers efficiently.

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