Hire Server Admin

The server administrator has a responsibility of monitoring, managing servers effectively, addressing any technical obstructions in service, minimize downtime if occurred and making sure the server performs smoothly. Mitlag Solutions can fulfill your need of server admin for hire and save you all the hassle. Our server administrators have the sound technical knowledge and possess all the required skillsets. A client can hire dedicated server admins or can choose the part-time server admin, as per clients’ needs.

Hire Server Admin

Mitlag Solutions provide you various flexible models to hire server admin.

Once you hire our staff, they will be completely dedicated to your project and prove to be a great addition to your existing staff. Our dedicated server admins will take care of all the server administration related activities as your own staff. Since they will be working with you closely, they will have a thorough knowledge of your needs, working style, and your support policies. Along with that Mitlag Solutions provides you support agent for hire or client can avail the service of virtual assistant for hire whichever suits the needs of the client. Once the support agent is hired clients can have a dedicated agent for support facilities through chat or helpdesk. Clients can even communicate with a support agent via messenger and have complete assistance 24/7.

Customer support is of utmost importance for any business, so Mitlag Solutions come to your aid by providing you with various customer support outsourcing services plans. Those plans include customer outsourcing packages in the USA, Europe, and India. The client can choose from plans which suit them.

We are dedicated to giving you quality services, that’s why our staff is regularly trained to boost and update their knowledge.

  • Hire Dedicated Support Agents as per your need
  • Hire Dedicated One Agent for Chat as well as Support desk
  • 24x7 Server monitoring and administration
  • Direct communication with Support Agent on Messenger
  • Regular training & conferences to boost knowledge of staff