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Mitlag Solutions, as an IT services company have been providing quality solutions in the areas of web design and development services for more than 10 years. Also being a Mobile applications development company, we provide businesses with distinct and creative App development solutions. We provide a combination of services ranging from development, support to artwork design. We are a cluster of excellent professional capable of producing results. We are flexible and open for discussions when it comes to assisting you in the best possible services.

Web Development

Website is a reflection of your business to the end user. A website helps in educating your customers about your products, create awareness and improve conversion rate. The process of web development involves front end development as well as back end development. Front end development is described as a process of developing what a user sees when the application loads. Front end development includes content on the application pages, design and how users interact with it and network security.

When it comes to developing a website, every business has its own specific requirements. Our experienced web development team identifies your unique business needs and adhere to best industry practices. Our team keeps all aspects of the project like security, scalability, performance, etc. in mind while developing your projects. They comply with the strict timelines of the project and give you the best results as per your needs. Each project undertaken by our team goes through a rigorous testing process. The quote provided for a project includes work from designers, developers, testers and sometimes even from system admins. We follow the practice of notifying you about the progress of the project each week or even each day if needed to keep you informed.

Web Design

Captivating and user-friendly web design is an important key in keeping the end user engaged and improve conversion rate. Visually appealing and easy to understand websites encourages end users for multiple visits to the website, this can prove to be detrimental for the success of your product. Good web design arranges the products or services in an orderly fashion, properly categorizing them and make easier to interact with. Technological advancement making it more and more significant to adopt the changes. Our designers who are always in sync with latest trends give your product a very professional and elegant look. They have experience in using various design tools and add quick interactive features with the help of PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress conversions. With the help of these conversions, you can edit photos, create different designs using layering and ultimately produce the designs in various formats.

We Mitlag Solutions as a web applications development company in the USA have provided services of applications development overseas. Our Teams have worked with clients in the US as well as Europe for various web application development services and are well conversant with their specific needs. They also get assistance from the SEO team to get the best results for your websites from their designers too. SEO teams help you optimize your website for internet searches, making the website easily searchable and help it appear in relevant searches. This increases the possibility of more views of the website. Making it easier for the client to reach a wider customer base and across different geographical locations.

App Development

Nowadays Mobile apps are present for every kind of business anybody can possibly think of. Apps provide a quick glance at your product, gives users accessibility from anywhere and ease of use. Also, modern-day Apps are compatible with various types of devices making it a competitive environment for companies. The main advantage of having a Mobile App, it makes you very easy to notify about your latest products and offers indirectly helping you to maintain a relationship with clients. So Mobile application development has become a necessity for businesses. Mitlag Solutions as an Android and IOS App development company provide you with the most competitive Apps present in the market. You can hire professional Mobile App developers with us. Our team considers factors like users limited attention and minimized keystrokes of the users while developing an App. Therefore they try to develop Apps in such a way as to extend users attention span, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of customers for you.

Artwork Design

In today’s competitive market businesses need to have a distinct identity that will set them apart from the rest of the competition. A lot of communication for business is done via brand logo, mascot, visiting cards, brochures, etc. which conveys a brand message to the end user. Therefore a great design can bring your business many advantages. Our team has expertise in creating beautiful designs for any requirement of your business. Our design team also holds extensive experience in designing exceptionally good flyers and banner ads. A great design conveys your brand message to the audience as well as it promotes, educates and persuades customers. So the customer identifies your brand and which leads to better purchase patterns of your product. A great design can remind customers about your products from time to time. Customers often choose such products with which they can easily identify with and recognize. Our artwork designer can fulfill all your needs for creative communication.

Logo Design, Visiting Cards, Brochure, Flyers, Video Making and more…

Testing Services

Any web development project or mobile application has to be tested before it is presented to the end user. Testing any application or website makes sure that it works perfectly and is ready for end users. Our QA professionals are involved with a development project from start to understand client’s requirements from the project. So QA assures that the applications work perfectly well and are totally bug-free, also easy to accept by the users.

QA tester makes sure that the application is made as expected by the client. Testing process usually includes checks for completeness, quality, safety, and correctness. Our testing team follows industry standard software testing methods to meet the quality expectations of our clients. Testing procedures are useful in detecting safety, completeness, and quality of the end result.


Our expert team is using latest technologies in all our processes of development and testing.

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